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We offer a wide range of clips, bands and bows in different colours and styles and we hope you find something you like! All items are handmade with great care.

Our baby clip collection offers a range of pretty snap clips, covered in ribbon and are suitable for baby's super fine hair. The clips have a unique non slip grip which needs only to clasp a few strands of hair to stay in place. Our hairbands are also suitable from birth. 

Our toddler clip collection offers a range for when there is more hair. Normally a ribbon covered 35mm alligator clip is used, however this size can also be worn in adult hair too. 

All our other clips (Gorgeous Girl Clips, Bottlecap Bows, Felt Applique Clips) are generally made with 45mm or 55mm ribbon lined alligator clips (with non slip grip included) and can grasp more hair and hold larger and heavier ribbons and bottlecaps. 

Please click on a category below to view our range. 

Baby Clips Toddler Clips Gorgeous Girl Clips
Felt Applique Clips Bottlecap Bows Flower Clips
Hairbands & Alicebands Clip Holders


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